St Marks again

The Church

St Mark’s Church, St Marks, is a lovely little country church located in the centre of the small village of St Marks, Isle of Man.  Built in 1772, it is just down the road from the house where Erin grew up, and is a perfect location for our wedding.  Please see the map, below, for the precise location.

The vicar (Rev James McGowan – a very nice man!) has said he he is happy for people to throw confetti and we are ordering a large bag of natural, eco-friendly confetti for everyone to use, if they so wish!


Abbey restaurant

The Wedding Breakfast and the Evening Do

You will notice that the reception is now being held at The Abbey which, as those of you who received a ‘save the date’ email will realise, was not the original plan.  This is due to the recent closure of the Mount Murray Hotel and Country Club.  As it happens, it turns out The Abbey is an even nicer venue and Sarah at The Abbey has been really helpful.

The Abbey is located in Ballasalla which is less than 10 minutes’ drive from St Marks.  It is located right beside a ford on the Silver Burn, just downstream from the medieval Monks’ Bridge (or Crossag) and on the edge of the ruins of Rushen Abbey.  To check out the website, please follow the link below, and for directions from the Church to the Reception, please see our handy map.


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