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The Island

The Isle of Man is a beautiful island located in the Irish sea.  With stunning coastal scenery and rugged open moorland, it really is worth exploring whilst you are over.  We have put in a few links to some of the main attractions which you might want to check out whilst you are over, and you can follow the link below for some interesting Manx facts!


Manx National Heritage

The Manx equivalent of the National Trust, MNH looks after the Island’s museums and main historical attractions.  These are located all over the Island and range from a folk village at Cregneash in the South, to a fabulous interactive Museum in Peel on the West Coast.  See the website for details of the sites which are located all over the Isle of Man.



We have already described the scenery, so needless to say, the Isle of Man is a great place for a walk.  See the link below for some guidance.



Being the homeland of cycling greats Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh, the Isle of Man is, of course, a wonderful place to cycle.  If you are bringing your bikes, whilst we cannot promise good weather, we can promise amazing landscapes and some good Manx fresh air!

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The Isle of Man TT festival, perhaps the most famous motorcycle road racing event in the world, begins just a few weeks after our wedding.  Whilst there will be no motorbike racing for the weekend you are over, TT racing takes place on public roads so there is nothing to stop you going round the mountain course yourself to see what it is the riders who race it love so much.  As these roads pass through towns and villages, you will be compelled to keep to the speed limits where there are some.  Whilst derestricted does mean derestricted in the Isle of Man (there is no national speed limit), you have to remember other road users, and the Police will take action (which will also impact on your UK licence) if you drive like a lunatic.  A lap is worth doing if you have time as the course passes through some truly beautiful countryside, but please be careful.

Specific Wedding related info


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